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Sally Rowe Trophy:

This trophy is awarded in memoir of Sally Rowe and her long standing belief that individual continuous effort to achieve personal goals and success should be recognised.

Sally Rowe:

Sally was always an, ‘outdoors’ person, raised in the mountains of the Lake District, England. She excelled in field hockey and athletics; one of her key achievements was being recognised nationally as a junior discus thrower. She spent some time in Yorkshire, England before moving to Canada in the 1980s. Sally qualified as a Social Worker, which she enjoyed during her short life. She was always held in high regard by her fellow peers.

Her belief was that as long as a person tried their best, they did not have to always win to be successful. To push one’s self as far possible within the capacity of the individual was reward in itself.

Sally passed away after a courageous battle with leukemia in Vancouver General Hospital in 1990.